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Melissa Stephens
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Tarpon Springs, FL
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Help! I need a Yard Care Intervention!

Our yard is a sand pit. We live in Florida. We are trying to learn what grows in sand and in Florida but we are on a very limited budget. We are young newly weds and don't have extra cash to spend on our yard, which needs a lot of help! Please help! Thanks!

Sunshine and sand. A few tufts of grass. That's what greeted the Briggs & Stratton Yard Smarts work team at Grant and Melissa's home in Tarpon Springs, FL.

But within one day, the yard was turned into an oasis of flowering plants and a place for the couple's Dachshund, Fritzie, to roll on the new lawn created with hardy Zoysia grass sod. The team shoveled, hauled and raked more than 10 yards of seashell mulch into place, placed more than a dozen pallets of sod and added plenty of new landscape plants during the yard care intervention.

Grant summed it up: "You guys made it so much better than we could have hoped for!"

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